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Finding a learned certified public accountant

Hiring some professionals for all accounting work which is to be managed in the business will always is very important for you. But then you also have to see to it that you are through from your side and have all accounts clear so that you can easily hire the best professionals who can rightly manage the rest of the work for you in the best possible way. Hiring services of certified public accountant will be a good choice because they can well help you in every way possible and can also offer you with all the different theories which you need to know while handling business accounts.

When you have a good certified public accountant hired you can be sure of the fact that you will not at all have to wait. This means you can know of the inflow and also the outflow of the case very easily and also in the best ways possible. You should know of the fact that managing things will only be easy if you happen to select the best certified public accountants. When you start to look around you will come across too many such professions who can help you out. But then it is important for you to be sure on the fact that you only choose those who are well updated on everything.

Just when they know all about the accounts and the accounting procedures it will get easy for them to handle stuff and also the many finances of the company. the major advantage of having these accountants on board is that they will not only help you know the financial status of the company but will also give you a clue about finances if you are planning to market your business for expansion. Many of the accountants these days will not only help manage all the accounts but will also give you manage the payroll and taxation systems also.

When you are in search of the certified public accountant make sure that you always consider these many aspects and only then look for one. It is then that you can get the best for yourself and make sure of the fact that things go well and the accounts are properly managed always. When you research see that you pick on the right sources and also look for the best professionals for the same.

A Review of Global Processing Systems’

The global reach of internet has promoted the use of plastic money all over the globe and it is making paper money a thing of the past, making it imperative for every business to accept credit or debit card payment instead of asking for cash. Ecommerce has forced many conventional stores to change their conventional point of sale equipment in order to keep up with the competition. You must have seen a waiter or a take away joint processing your credit card payment using a tablet or a smartphone. There are many merchant account processors, in this article we are going to review the merchant credit card processing services offered by Global Processing Systems amerchant account service provider. The merchant services company offers a wide range of payment processing services for brick and mortar businesses as well as online web stores. However this review focuses only on the Wireless credit card terminals.

Wireless credit card terminals

Credit card is one of the most popular electronic payment methods today. Keeping in mind the requirements of door to door services, delivery services etc. Global Processing Systems has developed high performing wireless credit card terminals. Currently they have three products namely VeriFone VX670 GPRS, VeriFone Nurit 8020 and First Data FD400TI.

1. VeriFone VX670 GPRS

This is a small all in one device that can be set up to work off of a GPRS signal hence the name. The scoring point of this device is the whisper quiet and easy to load printer, it does live up to expectations. Secondly the design is very slick with a large white backlit display making it easy to use this device under any lighting conditions. Global Processing Systems claims that the device is drop-resistant and spill free. VeriFone VX670 GPRS is indeed a very good device for deliver merchant credit card processing services however you have to pay extra for charging panel which in our opinion is the only drawback.

2. VeriFone Nurit 8020

This is probably the most sophisticated device presented by Global Processing Systems under the segment of wireless credit card terminals. It comprises of built-in PIN pad, smart card reader, optional touch screen and electronic signature capture. The sheer versatility VeriFone Nurit 8020 offers is the reason behind its popularity. It supports numerous payments and value added services and supports a variety of cellular networks with 3G compatibility. The large keypad is really helpful to make quicker and accurate entries however rest of the design isn’t that attractive compared to other devices in the same segment. The biggest scoring point is its ability of wireless and web-enabled connectivity.

3. FirstData FD400TI

Probably the best touch screen Wireless credit card terminal offered by Global Processing Systems. VeriFone VX670 GPRS is a power packed combination of full range of payment solutions and the “store-and-forward” capability. The “store-and-forward” capability allows you to ensure card-present rates if there is no signal at the time of the transaction, allowing you to accept payment regardless of connectivity. Touch screen is easy to use and since it supports various 3G networks you can access wireless downloads pretty quickly.

Support and maintenance of Global Processing Systems

One of the most important benefits of using any product or service by Global Processing Systems is the extremely agile support and maintenance service. They provide merchants with handy tips on how to handle and troubleshoot some basic problems while handling the merchant credit card processing devices. All of the above devices respond instantaneously if a card is not processed prompting you to ask the customer for another card.Global Processing Systems offers most cost competitive payment processing services in the industry. Plus, their customer care reps are very polite and attentive.

Binary Option Trading Strategies that Work

A wise option trading strategy always involves collecting as much relevant information as you can concerning a prospective investment.

Essential practices for investing with binary options:

Fundamental Examination Overview

In this strategy the macroeconomic market conditions are put beneath the microscope ranging from what the political situation is to what market regulations are coming into play together with the stability and potential for management of the chosen asset. All of these influences can impact directly on the price of a security. A usable strategy can be put together contingent upon the vulnerability of securities to sudden changes in any of the enumerated conditions. The aim of this approach is basically to arrive at a hypothetical price derived from quantitative appraisal of each of the conditions.

As a result the figures produced from these analyses, the buyer can now compare the hypothetical future price and the present trading price.

Good research into stock market conditions comprises of an in depth appraisal of the many different factors than can impact upon asset values over a set time period.

1. 2. Technical Appraisal

Technical appraisal is the evaluation of recorded prices of assets and how they vary over time. Looking for trends can assist when analysing price motions under certain market conditions. The behaviour of an asset is often reliant on alterations from month to month as well as by changes in economic conditions.

Finding the record of an asset is fairly simple as their prior movements are archived by economic exchanges and other similar financial institutions . As you will find plenty of information available, it is fairly simple to keep track of asset price changes in the course of set phases of time.

Whilst in search of tendencies take into account that a couple of points only make a line. At the very least three related figures are required to make a pattern. When employing this stock trading strategy, make sure that the documented data should cover at least three years worth of trading. Moreover, try to establish what it is that has an influence upon any deviations from the overall pattern.


1. 3. Making good use of Trading Technology

Economic application programming is one of the quickest expanding markets. Men and women that are skilled in both the investment and software programming sectors are difficult to find, but those that are active and working are bringing in huge amounts of finance from trading software development. These technological developments based upon precisely coded systems and algorithms are able to spot trends and patterns in the market and forecast information. These applications are so effective that influential people are also able to predict the likelihood of bankruptcy, mergers, and even hostile takeovers.

Financial applications are downloadable in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. These apps are written with specific investor needs in mind. The Bloomberg financial app, for instance, offers a fully customisable interface that displays only news and updates relevant to the assets that the investor has decided to work with. Along with historical data and recent market performance the app also presents trading forecasts.

Be aware that some apps are more reliable than others. Applications especially coded to devise binary options trading strategies are available for download.

These three investment strategies are not independent of each other. It is up to you how you can use these binary options trading strategies to arrive at a reasonable conclusion before making any investment decision.

Pension : What Precisely Will the Chancellor Do

It’s a lot less than a 12 months because the authorities presented what came to be known as the pension “freedoms” – the right for those over 55 to take as lots money as they want from their pension pots, situation to tax.

Now, up ahead of the price range on 16 March, the pensions enterprise is again on the threshold of its seat.

Amongst the rumours: the chancellor is set to dismiss the 25% tax-free lump sum; the maximum annual contribution may be cut to as low as £25 ,000; or the entire tax relief gadget could be abolished , in favour of an isa-style of tax upfront, but tax loose on the manner out .

So what are the chancellor’s other possibilities – and that is he probably to favour?

Flat-rate remedy on contributions

At this point, basic rate taxpayers who pay right into a pension get 20% tax remedy. Better fee taxpayers get forty% – and pinnacle price taxpayers get 45% .

Nevertheless higher charge tax comfort costs the Treasury some £7bn a 12 months, and truely favours the wealthy.

Substituting this with flat-charge remedy could be useful to most employees, and save the government cash.

The lesser the figure is specify, the higher off the Treasury could be, however the smaller the benefit to savers. Alternative options being talked about are 25%, 30%, 33% or, if the chancellor became in generous mood, even 35%.

But, as has been mentioned vehemently by using the pensions industry, better and top rate taxpayers stand to lose.

The Association of British Insurers ( ABI ) has lobbied tough for this solution , calling it a “savers’ bonus”. However the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association ( PLSA ) has said it’d produce little benefit to primary rate taxpayers, in particular if set at 25%.

Isla-style system

One thought the Treasury has examined is to come up with pensions such as Individual Savings Accounts, or Isas.

Pension savers presently pay no tax on money they placed into a pension, yet they do pay tax at the cash they take out.

An Isa system will be the reverse: Income tax would be paid sooner than the cash become stored, however it’d be tax-free when taken out.

If this turned into chosen, the current 25% tax-free lump sum could also disappear.

The great advantage to this from the Treasury’s point of view is that the government will probably straight away store billions of pounds in up-the front tax remedy.

But to manage an Isa system together with the current system might be terribly stressful.

And there could be no immediate incentive to motivate people to save more, as the tax advantages would most effective occur after they had retired.
Even as the former pensions minister, Steve Webb, perceives this option is still a strong endeavor, in practice it is not likely.

For that matter , the title of the Treasury’s session is: “Strengthening the incentive to save”. Moreover one Treasury minister showed to the BBC that this could be the main focus of the changes.

Reducing Allowances

The amount anybody can sve into a pension – and get tax relief – is already capped in two regards:
⦿ Annual Allowance: £40 ,000 . but from 6 April , top-rate taxpayers will see this reduced by £1 for every £2 they earn above £150 ,000 .
⦿ Lifetime Allowance: Currently £1 .25m, but from 6 april this could be cut to £1m .

Cutting out these limits further could save the Treasury extra cash .

Tom McPhail , pensions expert with Hargreaves Lansdown , anticipates that a reduction to the Annual Allowance is “highly likely , possibly down to as little as £25 ,000” .

Nonetheless reducing it’d be tough for savers who make massive contributions close to retirement, to catch up on earlier under-funding.

As for the Lifetime Allowance , Mr McPhail describes it as a “perverse irrelevance”, however believes the government can be skeptical to give it up.

Abolishing Salary Sacrifice

Many employers provide their staff “salary sacrifice”. Employees agree to take a smaller salary, in return for increased benefits, consisting of pension contributions.

This may mean the employee can pay less income tax, whilst the employer saves on National Insurance contributions.

That is widely visible as a loophole, which charges the Treasury a widespread amount of revenue. The chancellor ought to properly decide to abolish it, or pace restrictions at the manner it operates.

Doing Nothing

After an 8-month Treasury consultation – which has the potential to save the government money and improve fairness – it’s unlikely the chancellor could pick out this option.

“Incredulity meters would explode, jaws would drop and hats woult be eaten,” says tom McPhail.

However equally well, the chancellor might also prefer not to do something too radical. Last year’s pension reforms are nonetheless bedding in, and the government’s big idea of auto enrolment has a long way to go.

A number of small employers, and workers, are suffering to apprehend those changes. The final aspect they need – or the industry can stand – could be some other upheaval of the pensions system.

In What Ways An Accountant Can Prove Beneficial To A Contractor?

A contractor of a well established company always prefer to hire an accountant in order to manage the company’s financial affairs and it is assumed that the accountant is managing the accounts in accordance with the law. Accountancy is not an easy task to do. Bigger the amount, greater the case becomes complicated. But the accountant is provided with the required training to handle all types of accounts. The main benefit of hiring an accountant is that your work will be done on or before time and will be managed efficiently. A contractor is unaware of the latest updates about the tax and rebates. So, the accountant can guide him and make him aware about them. He can guide the contractor in a best way. An accountant for contractors is must if the contractor wants to take his business to the highest level in the present competitive world.

Accountants are available for almost every type of profession. Accountancy services are given to the farmers, transport contractors, land contractors etc. There are many accountancy services are available in the market and they ensure that they will take care of your financial issues in a best way. You can select the reliable and professional accountant if you follow the following points:

  1. Experience of the accountant – the major convincing thing about any accountant is its experience. People prefer to work with such an accountant who can give the solutions and the required guidelines for the growth and development of the business. You can ask him for the contact number of the previous clients so as to make sure about the work quality of him.
  2. Regulated accountant – the accountant should be regulated by one of the well known professional bodies.
  3. Qualification – ask him his qualification in order to know that whether he is capable or not. Generally the accountant should have the degree of MBA. It is better to take a demo to get the idea of his competency.
  4. Late filing – if the accountant consistently submits the paperwork after the last date of submission, then he is not the right person for you.
  5. Ensure smooth replacement of accountant – in case you want to change the accountant, ensure that the present accountant transfer the account details of the firm smoothly to the new accountant. But not all accountants make it easy for their contractors to switch.
  6. Check reviews on Internet – it is better to check the reviews on the Internet about the previous work done by accountant you are going to hire.

So, you must select a professional accountant who can guide you in a best possible way. Hiring a person who is proficient will be of great advantage to the contractor as this helps for the better management of the company’s account. Only the professionals can maintain it very well. An accountant is capable of providing services like tax returns, payroll etc. So, hiring an expert accountant will be the best choice for you.

Private Bankers warm up to the confluence of client bases and integration of services

Many private Bankers anticipate the institutionalization of what is presently deemed as a non-customary routine observed by traditional asset managers and so-called alternative fund managers, or those who deal with hedge funds. Unlike in the past where each had a delineated client base, in recent years, the latter has started marketing their products to the former’s conventional customers, namely, the institutional investors, high net worth individuals (HNWI) and retail investors.  On the other hand, asset managers are now adopting hedge fund approaches to complement their long-established strategies. Clearly, the direction is towards coming together, a confluence of market base and investment techniques.

The need for larger returns compel asset managers to design products that offer bigger margins as the past financial crunch caused a negative impact on wealth’s values, while basic operational expenses stay constant, if not higher. The industry’s strategic expansion into other markets can be considered a parallel response to the foray into its turf by other investment players from the other side of the financial horizon, particularly the hedge fund managers who were most impacted by the onslaught of the Lehman Brothers’ filing for bankruptcy. Cautiousness and prudence having become the norms after this sad episode, these investors who predominantly dealt with mutual funds now venture into products of assured liquidity while simultaneously holding the reins for transparency and control.

Creation of Support Infrastructure for Asset Managers

Being at a competitive level for the same funds, products, and client-base with hedge fund managers is definitely not an ideal situation for asset managers. However, Crossinvest Asia views the situation on a positive note. CEO Christophe Audergon would rather meet the tough challenges posed by issues on existing operational structures, the need to reevaluate the company’s operating processes and formulate new strategies.

One of these challenges is modification in the established practice of constructing separate investment and stand-alone processes for alternative products. Often, new offerings are complicated in nature, hence, are isolated from the mainstream operations and left handled by a small number of experts.
This strategy spells additional expenses which were not burdensome in the prosperous past of the financial world. The financial meltdown, however, made myriad firms cost conscious. To dispense with the added budgetary allocation, they treated novel products similarly as regular brands, moving them into the core operating procedures. Thus, leveraging techniques, shorting, and derivatives are now featured into the investment norms of asset management, assimilated into its standard business prototype.

Integrating brokerage and custody services

The safety of the wealth under its management has always been the driving force in maneuvering into various methods and schemes focused on risk management, timely valuations, decision-making support system as well as facility in reporting and documentation. Wealth Managers aver that judicious planning would yield endless possible strategies of smoothing out obstacles and coming out with shared solutions.

An example is the categorization of assets based on specialized services requirements, such that those for leveraging are lodged with prime brokers while the unencumbered types suited for long positions are handled by custodians.  Though this scheme facilitates monitoring and maximizes returns, dealing with several intermediaries’ renders operations vulnerable to significant risks and complicates relationships with banks and fund administrators.  A consensus fix is the integration of these services, several advantages of which have been cited by the stakeholders. One is that, this makes possible the movement of collateral to different accounts. Another is that regulators favor the unification to ensure the security of assets used in hedging.

Many Private Bankers are optimistic that the close coordination between hedge fund managers and traditional asset managers will progress. With the extension of their operational strategies into each other’s turf, the breadth of their front and back office operations consequently expands.

Systematic Investment Plan is redefining the investment strategies

In our childhood, we all used to have a piggy bank. We inserted coins in it which we used to get from our parents or relatives. When the piggy bank was filled completely, we broke it and relished our favorite food or some game with the money that we saved in it. But, as we grew up our needs also did. Cut to present times, that small piggy bank of ours is not able to fulfill our dreams. There is a requirement of a plan which can accommodate more money. An option that comes to our mind is saving bank account. Observing the rate at which inflation is trending putting money in the savings bank account will not suffice the necessities in the future. The money is required to be invested rather than saved. A mutual fund is bridging the gap between saving and investing. But, a mutual fund is a scheme for multiplying your money. There is a requirement of a method which makes the investment in the plan easy.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), is the required method. SIP is alike putting coins in the piggy bank. Through SIP, you invest little by little in your mutual fund and get the growth according to your scheme. Implying that until your savings attain the benefit of growing you will not be able to appease the future requirements. Therefore, saving for the unforeseen in advance and also multiplying the money will surely help you to be prepared for any sudden predicament.

SIP is an investment strategy which inculcates the habit of slow but steady investment process. The most striking feature of SIP investment is that it can serve as a method of investment for any scheme under mutual funds. You can select any scheme according to your need and use SIP for investing your money on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis. Hence, the common factor among all the schemes can be the method of investing.

Types of SIP based on time-period

The SIP can be distinguished based on the tenure of investment they serve. The duration of SIP is solely dependent on the clients choice. SIP was introduced for the ease of investors who cannot afford to invest a lump sum amount. Though there is no benchmark to define SIP because anybody who wants to have a consistent investment process can opt for it. There are following classifications based on the time duration for SIP:

a. Daily SIP:
The investors who want to invest on a regular basis can adopt this method. In daily SIP, the clients have the opportunity to invest in their selected scheme by every day. Therefore, the client has to invest very nominal amount daily. This means you can have the privilege of investing with a small amount such as Rs. 20/-. In SIP the worth of every single penny is same as any significant amount invested. So, the amount invested through daily SIP is equally valuable to the amount invest through any other type of SIP.

b. Monthly SIP:
As the name suggests, monthly SIP is a scheme that facilitates you to invest in the plan of your choice every month. This method is appropriate for the investors who follow a budgeted approach while managing their finances. The investors divide their revenues in proportions that are suitable for expenditure as well as investing. For example, a person earning INR 25,000 in a month might have an expenditure of INR 20,000. The remaining INR 5,000 can be invested through monthly SIP.

c. Quarterly SIP:
The financial year of our country is divided into four quarters. Each quarter is a period of three months. Clients investing opting for the quarterly SIP have to pay for their investment in every three months. This scheme may be taken into consideration by the investors who are not very regular in their investment but intend to do it at less frequent intervals.

SIP and technology

Apart from the various types of SIP available for the investors the technology has given it a new twist. With the introduction of auto-debit directly from the account of the investors, the task of investing has been simplified to a remarkable extent. The auto-debit option facilitates the investor to give a standing instruction to the banker to debit the amount on a fixed date at which the premium for the policy is due. By doing so, the client can be relieved of the tautness of memorizing the due dates. The work will be done by your bank, and an acknowledgment will be sent to you through SMS alert or e-mail.

Start your SIP today and avail the benefits associated with it. SIP works on the principle of early beginning so that the amount can get the required time to grow and reciprocate the maximum returns to the investors.

Why Pension Recommendations are so Valuable?

If you are intending to make a retirement planning, then you must be in need of pension’s advice. This advice is mainly needed by those people who work for private firms as government employees get proper pension schemes from the employers only.  But be sure to get expert advice before you finalize your retirement plan. Only expert can help you to crack an amazing deal for an secured pension plan.

Since there are so many pension schemes that are prevalent these days, therefore you got to make selection of the most efficient one that can serve your after-retirement life.

Benefits of having valuable advices for pension

•    You can get acute financial protection after retirement when you are no more at work. Financial protection after retirement is of greater necessity in order to enjoy higher financial freedom and this is the reason you must take the decision of having the best pension ideas. But right decision can help you to have a secure life after retirement.
•    You can maintain your financial portfolio intact even after retirement and can go on maintaining your investments with the help of best pension suggestion.
•    Pension suggestions are also very much helpful in choosing the right pension scheme or plan that suits your requirement in the most effective manner.
•    You can be directed in right direction in case you are pretty confused regarding how to deal with the major financial troubles after retirement when you are absolutely out of job.
•    You can maintain a completely peaceful retirement life with your spouse without depending on your children or relatives.

•    The terms and condition stated in each pension plan is very complex and over looking any point can be very dangerous in ;long run.
•    There are different retirement plan available in the market but make sure you get the plan considering your life style and plans after retirement.

Tips for planning retirement plans

•    Plan earlier when you are still in employment so that you can get beneficial results after retirement.
•    You can approach to any financial advisor so that you can get best advices regarding how to plan your after-retirement life.
•    You can make a proper online surfing so that you can check out the available options in the market. You can make proper analysis of the schemes and can compare their facilities in order to choose the best one that caters you a comfortable pension life.
•    You can also follow your friends or relatives in this regard so that you can get a better choice.
•    The currently uploaded newsletters on retirement pensions need to be followed in this regard.

If you want best options of pension schemes, then approaching to professional experts is the right way-out. There are many pension advisors these days and thus you need to visit the official sites of these experts in order to check out the quality and effectiveness of the pension advices.

Receive QuickBooks Technical Support for creation of Credit Card Audit Trail Reports

While working with QuickBooks, it is necessary to keep an eye on creation of credit card audit trail reports in order to maintain work functionality in the right direction. For the purpose of creation of these reports, some set of steps are to be followed properly. While creation of this important report, you are required to maintain proper balance on traction of which user is editing, adding, viewing or removing customer’s card number and which are offered access to work on credit card audit trail reports creation. Following are some sort of steps as mentioned by QuickBooks Technical Support experts that are to verified first before performing this task correctly,

•Try to enable customer credit card protection feature first for proper execution of this task.

•Make proper selection of the user who is responsible for allotting security rights in order to view credit card numbers. Additionally keep focus on the number of users that are not authorized to access this privilege.

•Keep viewing the new credit card audit trail reports in order to track customer activities with credit cards.

While working on credit card audit trial report, individual users are excluded from accessing customer’s delicate credit card info. Also for the company accountant, there is existence of user type, known as External Accountant. Generally when this type of task is assigned to an accountant, he/she will not be able to view sensitive customer credit card numbers. Thus, while generating login user for accountant, it is mandatory to make selection of appropriate user type that is External Accountant. While working with such scenario, this particular accountant type is not able to view already stored customer’s tactful credit card numbers.
Customer credit card trail reports are always available made available for tracking customer credit card activities as long as this feature remains active. In case you are willing to view this report then you are required to login into the file by representing yourself as the admin user. It is not at all necessary to enable this setting, in case you are willing to disable this setting, you can perform this task simply by login into the data file as the admin user.

Useful Tip: QuickBooks users can stay in observance along with credit card industry security needs with enabling security features around by keeping record of users who are answerable for viewing, editing, adding or removing customer’s credit card numbers as suggested by QuickBooks Technical Support professional.

The Power of The Banks

One of the US founding fathers – Thomas Jefferson has once warned about the dangers that can come with the banks` rise of power. He said that the banking organizations can be more dangerous to people`s liberties than the armies. That prediction came out to be true today when the banks are gaining more and more power each day.

Let`s take for example the case of Ray Kuate vs. TD Bank. Ray was a hardworking businessman that had a clear goal in mind to reach success. He established a business called Vertamin Inc. which was an online video advertising company. Ray was a dedicated man, well educated and always preached that only hard work and no shortcuts will get you success in life. Facing many challenges, including battling personal health issues with polio, Ray`s company quickly grew to a very successful company on the market employing many people. Despite his company being a target of a big cyber-attack, Vertamin Inc. was valued to over $10 million dollars in 2014. Soon after, all of a sudden, the bank demanded a sum of $1 million dollars to be paid immediately and without any delay. This practice pushed Vertamin Inc. towards bankruptcy, and he had to lay off his workers on Christmas Eve.

This story just shows how banks can use some unscrupulous methods to get what they want, without caring for people. It is really hard when people like Ray are giving their best and work hard their entire life, and all of a sudden it can all disappear in a blink of an eye because of the rich and greedy bankers.

Banks are not just ruing people`s businesses, but they also ruin their lives. When a business gets destroyed by the bank, people are losing their jobs and finding a decent job is very hard in today`s global economy. People then get depressed, their connections with family members and friends are slowly deteriorating, and the banks are probably not aware of the fact that one decision such as the above mentioned can have a huge impact on many lives, not just on the business.

The banking industry needs to be reformed quickly. They have become so big and powerful, it is very hard to control them. They can demand anything they want and can destroy people`s businesses without caring, because not a single organization is more powerful than banks. In order for the businesses to grow and expand, banks should grow their business together with their customers and not against them.

Banking practices can be really scary sometimes. They have no problems to deliberately cause a profitable business to go bankrupt in order to get a personal gain. In many unfair cases, banks are withdrawing credit lines for previously good businesses by charging extremely high fees, so then they can seize the assets of the businesses at very low prices.

Banks must stop acting like predators preying on successful businesses. They should help the companies, not destroy them. Unfortunately, this is not the case today. People like Ray Kuate can change history and significantly influence banking industry, if his case gets supported and if he wins this big battle against corrupted banking organizations.